About Liam

Liam is a Certified Master Practitioner Hypnotherapist and teacher of self-hypnosis.  Since starting his private practice, he has helped all his clients to lead more successful and satisfying lives.

Liam holds qualifications in Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stress Management and Life Coaching (Self Help). Liam also holds a Master of Science with First Class Honours in Innovation and Technology Management along with multiple other qualifications.

Liam has always achieved his greatest satisfaction in helping others.

Liam has perfected his counselling, coaching and mentoring skills in the early part of his career. However Liam quickly recognised the benefits of Hypnotherapy and upon qualification merged his previous skills into his Hypnotherapy practice.

Liam has vast experience in the Positive Psychology and Hypnotherapy field and remains very passionate about helping people. He has studied and attained Formal Hypnotherapy Qualifications both in the US and UK.

Liam has developed and presented classes on Positive Psychology at an International level that have received excellent feedback.

While currently in the process of completing his PhD in Psychology, Liam is also writing his book on this topic as it is very close to his heart. The book will focus on three sections giving some background, discussion, hints and tips for each:

  • Positive Psychology for Leaders (Positive Leadership)
  • Positive Psychology for Teams (Positive Teamwork)
  • Positive Psychology for the Individual (Happier Living)
  • Positive Psychology and how it relates to health (Healthier Living)

Liam’s office is based outside of Clane in a lovely tranquil setting that has many benefits and supports the best Counselling, Coaching, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and best practice in which Liam is trained.  All sessions are confidential and conducted under strict ethical guidelines.

Liam is available for one to one sessions, speaking engagements and workshops.

You can contact Liam directly on 087-9678767.

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