Anxiety Attacks

Many people face each day with dread as they suffer from stress and anxiety which can easily become depression.

Both anxiety and stress can be shown in various forms including panic attacks. At Serenity Hypnotherapy, Liam will enable you to deal with stress and anxiety more effectively before it becomes depression.

Anxiety and Stress are natural responses by the human psyche and they produce various physical symptoms which can range from increased adrenalin, pulse, heart rate and sweating, right up to full blown panic attacks.

It has been proven by the medical profession that one of the best ways to combat stress is to ensure that you are able to get some form of relaxation on a regular basis. The whole basis of hypnotherapy is to induce deep relaxation so that positive suggestions can be acted upon.

Part of Liam’s approach in relation to Anxiety and Panic attacks includes teaching the client how they can induce self hypnosis whenever it is required. This allows them the ability to help themselves on the basis that they can then decide where and when it can be used.

For some clients the stressor is directly related to a specific trigger and we can help develop a suitable course of therapy to eliminate and neutralise the trigger so that the stress is minimalised in the future or even completely removed – we treat the cause and not the symptom.

If you would like the support and professional assistence of Serenity Hypnotherapy to address your Anxiety and Stress levels, then simply book an appointment with Liam on 087-2653400.