Liam has a great ability to help his clients explore their difficulties in a safe and confidential environment. As a client, Liam will not judge you, or your circumstances. Instead he quickly creates an environment where you can safely explore your thoughts and feelings. This will enable you to better understand yourself and to identify a route that will help improve your life. Liam’s office is in an extremely private and tranquil location.

Liam has helped many individuals to gain clarity and confidence to reach both their professional and personal goals in just one session. It is common for a client to approach Liam in a totally overwhelmed state and yet leave the clinic with clear steps and an action plan that they themselves have devised.

Liam helps with:

  • Self management & motivation from a positive psychology perspective
  • Understanding daily habits – how they influence you and how to change them
  • Identifying, prioritizing, setting and achieving your own goals
  • Problem Solving, gaining clarity of mind and therefore increasing your ability to focus

If you would like to chat with Liam to see if you are ready to take this to the next level, please feel free to schedule an appointment on 087-9678767.