Liam has a great ability to help his clients explore their difficulties in a safe and confidential environment. As a client, Liam will not judge you, or your circumstances. Instead he quickly creates an environment where you can safely explore your thoughts and feelings so that you can better understand yourself and identify a route that will help improve your life. Liam’s office is in an extremely private and tranquil location.

Once you visit Liam, he will explore and listen to you in a way that enables you to understand yourself better so that you leave his clinic ready for the day and week ahead. You will have the tools that will enable you to live your life in a more satisfying way. Some clients will require short-term counselling which in our experience ranges from 3-8 weekly sessions of 60 minute duration.

Area’s of speciality include:

  • General Counselling
  • Relationships
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Mediation
  • Coaching

Liam’s counselling sessions are by appointment only.

However Liam always ensures that burning issues are prioritized.

Liam has a great ability to move a client from a position of feeling overwhelmed to the position of having a positive mind and the ability and desire to take the next steps forward.

If you would like to find out more about Liam’s support, professional assistance, and ability to help you identify the next steps, then simply contact Liam in confidence directly on 087-9678767.