Hypnotherapy is a highly successful, clinically-proven, behavioural modification approach used by psychologists and therapists for hundreds of years. Unlike “traditional” therapy, hypnotherapy does not dwell on the past. At Serenity Hypnotherapy most people notice results after a single session.

Because behaviour is based on perception, hypnotherapy helps you change that perception. If you perceive something as threatening, you get nervous or anxious. Change that perception and as a result you have automatically changed your feeling. It’s that simple.

We use relaxation techniques to put you in a state of mind where you are open to a suggested change in the way you perceive something. The new perception brings about the new behaviour. If a cigarette is no longer perceived of as enjoyable you stop smoking, or if that thing your spouse does is no longer perceived to be annoying, you stop fighting. The more you want to make a change, the better the results.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work? The human brain operates in four general states of consciousness. The four states include;

  • Full Conscious Awareness
  • the Hypnotic State
  • the Dream State
  • the Sleep State

Your level of consciousness is determined by the electrical activity in your brain and the frequency of the electricity generated by the exchange of chemicals in the neural pathways.

In the state of Full Conscious Awareness our mind is most attentive and uses logic to reason, evaluate, assess, judge, and make decisions.

The Hypnotic State is the most useful for learning new information and changing old habits.  In this state, the doorway between the conscious and the subconscious is opened, making memories more accessible, and new information can more easily be stored.

You will be completely aware of what is going on and remember what happened during your hypnosis experience.  In order to be hypnotized, you must be a willing participant. No one can hypnotize you against your will.



Hypnotherapy Research Results

The Results Are IN!

Dr Alfred A. Barrios (PhD) conducted a study for the Psychotherapy Magazine (Volume 7, Issue #1) to investigate the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Psychoanalysis (Psychology).

The results he uncovered astonished the clinical community…

After 600 sessions of Psychotherapy, there was a mere 38% success rate.
After only 22 sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, there was a 72% success rate.
However, after just 6 sessions of Hypnotherapy, there was a whopping 93% success rate!

At Serenity Hypnotherapy, Liam uses a Fast, Proven and Effective blend of Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy to get results that last…in the easiest possible way.

All Liam’s interactions, from the initial query to the last consultation are dealt with in the utmost confidentiality. These are some of the reasons why other people like you choose Serenity Hypnotherapy to help their solve problems or improve their lives.

Should you desire any of the very special benefits of hypnotherapy, simply schedule an appointment with Liam on 087-2653400.

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