Positive Psychology at Work

Liam provides corporate sessions for many companies. After a session with Liam every participant has one thing in common, they learn how to look at things differently.  They know not to take things for granted and leave with a more positive mental attitude than before. In summary they are excited about and ready for the opportunities ahead.

At a very high level Liam’s class fosuses on the below areas, but at an indivual level Liam will focus on the area where the best ROI can be achieved.

The class can be tailored to best suit the needs of the company but the key topics mainly come from the below areas:

  • Overview of key Positive Leadership Strategies
  • Overview of Positive Psychology itself
  • A better understanding of what is meant by Functioning Optimally or Flourishing
  • Steps you can practice to integrate Positive Psychology
  • A better understanding of what makes Positive Psychology different
  • A review of the main Positive Psychology Strengths…..and then go a bit deeper
  • Resilience – tips to improve
  • Recognising the positive foundation that you already have that you can to build on
  • Practice and Implementation Tips

The class closes with a discussion on the benefits of understanding and practising Positive Psychology.

If you are interested in adding some positive leadership / positive psychology to your business, then go ahead and schedule a consultation appointment with Liam by contacting Ruth on 087-2653400.