Self Help

If your present way of thinking is not giving you everything you desire or deserve in life, why not try thinking differently? Liam can show you that change is entirely possible in any area (health, wealth, relationships, happiness, confidence).

Liam will help you to:

  • Discover what really makes you happy
  • Get the confidence for the job you have always wanted
  • Start making the best possible decisions in life
  • Learn to master anything you put your mind to
  • Understand your past and take the keys wins from it and move on
  • Make the most out of today and take control of your future
  • Learn how to Improve relationships
  • Get motivated to play any musical instrument, sport or any new language you want to learn – with the confidence that not only can you succeed, but that you can enjoy it too

Self Healing

If you are suffering with an illness that is getting you down and would like some help to refocus your energy and thoughts on healing and living, Liam can help you with this change.
Liam can show you that change is entirely possible. He will introduce you to a new way of thinking, opening your inner mind to positive thoughts and self healing.


If you would like the support and professional assistance of Serenity Hypnotherapy to help initiate or to guide you on your self healing or self help journey, then simply contact Ruth on 087-2653400 to book an appointment with Liam.