Sports Focus

The mental edge in sports is often the difference between great and truly great!

Excelling at sport is about having the right attitude towards sport and believing that you can do it. Your state of mind is very important.

The greatest enemy for any athlete is fear – fear of losing, fear of winning, fear of pain, fear of injury, or fear of humiliation in public.

Liam understands that some athletes who play beautifully at practice will freeze up during a game whilst being watched by others. This pressure can often inhibit their normal good performance.

To perform well, you must be relaxed enough to allow your natural timing and coordination to flow with the movement of your game. To truly develop your skill you must be consistent in all environments, as it is only then, that you will truly improve.

Serenity Hypnotherapy can help you increase your focus, concentration and any other psychological elements that you desire to improve.

If you would like the support and professional assistance of Serenity Hypnotherapy to;

  • increase your Sports focus and concentration
  • enhance your mental edge
  • ensure you have the right attitude towards sport
  • enhance your belief that you can do it

then simply call Ruth on 087-2653400 to book an appointment with Liam.