Stop Smoking

A study that compared various different methods used the stop smoking (consisting of over 72,000 people across two continents) confirmed on average that hypnosis was found to be three times more effective than nicotine replacement products (inhalers, patches, gums) and fifteen times more effective than willpower alone.

If you already know that smoking is bad for you, that it is dirty, smelly, and costing you a small fortune, why don’t you just stop? Right now?

The reason most people don’t “just stop” is FEAR

  • Fear of not being able to relax without a cigarette
  • Fear of not being in control
  • Fear of putting on weight
  • Fear of being irritable, moody or angry
  • Fear of unwanted cravings
  • Fear of being deprived of pleasure, companionship, etc.

The Benefits Of Being Smoke-Free

  • You’ll feel healthier
  • You’ll breathe easier
  • You’re clothes will smell nice
  • Your sense of smell improves
  • Your sense of taste improves
  • You’ll have more money

At Serenity Hypnotherapy if you truly want to become a non-smoker, Liam will work with you to accomplish this during a single session with the guarantee of a free top up session in the unlikely event that one is required.

Liam’s smoking cessation sessions has been proven extremely effective.

Cost €250.

If you have made up your mind and would like Liam’s help and support, you can schedule an appointment by calling Ruth on 087-2653400.