Weight Management

You may already have tried many other weight loss methods, diets, exercise programs, gyms, etc, etc.

If after all of that you still have a problem reaching your desired weight, then perhaps you’re now ready for a completely natural weight reduction program.

At Serenity Hypnotherapy, Liam offers different methods to address your specific need such as Healthy Living and Healthy Eating Hypnotherapy. Liam is also qualified in the the World’s No. 1 Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

If your subconscious mind believes there is a benefit in comfort eating or over-eating, you will not be able to avoid it for any extended period of time. But if your subconscious mind believes you are actually satisfying the body’s nutritional needs, and it’s emotional ones too, then it will become your greatest ally in weight management and weight reduction.

Research has found that people who are overweight often share some fairly common factors.

  • eat for emotional comfort
  • reward themselves with food
  • have an incorrect or poor self-image
  • engage in too little physical activity
  • prefer sweet and fattening foods over healthier alternatives
  • do not stop eating when full
  • were taught as children to “clear their plate”
  • do not realise how much food (and how many calories) they have eaten in a day
  • think of dieting as a punishment

If it is agreed that the Hypno-Band could benefit you, then it truly could change your life forever!

Imagine having the weight loss results usually achieved by having a surgical gastric band fitted without having to go through risky surgery and saving you thousands of euro’s in the process. Now you can have all the benefits of a surgical gastric band, without the surgery and the exorbitant cost.

The key to success is you! No weight loss system will work unless you are committed to losing weight. You must be prepared to change your eating habits and your lifestyle. If you are totally serious about losing weight then Serenity Hypnotherapy will certainly work for you. The Hypno-Band system has the added benefit of providing you with an additional tool to increase your ability to lose weight, and maintain a healthier body into the future.

If you are interested in a weight loss assistance that works, then book an appointment with Liam on 087-2653400.